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'Owner' - Owner of the location.

'User' - Person/s hiring the location.

'Location Release Agreement' - Agreement drawn up between the location 'Owner' and the 'User' for the hire of the location.

'Recce' - A visit to the location in advance of confirmation of a job.

'Optioning' - Pencilling a location without confirmation.

'Confirmation' - Confirming a job.

'Period of Use' - Contractual dates for the hire/use of the location.

'Location Fee' - Fee payable by the User to the Owner for the hire/use of the location.

'Prep Day' - day allocated to the setting up of the shoot.

'Strike Day' - day allocated to the dismantling of the shoot.

'Reinstatement Day' - day allocated to returning the location to its original form and repairing any damage.


Prime Shoot Locations offers an online library of locations to the TV/Film and Photographic industry.  All persons making use of the site must make themselves familiar with our Terms and Conditions of Business and our Privacy Policy and subsequent use of the site constitutes acceptance of these. Please be aware that our Terms and Privacy Policy are subject to revision and anyone using our services is advised to check for any amendments and to agree to comply with these before using our website.

Prime Shoot Locations makes every effort to ensure that all commentary, photographs and other material displayed on our site are up to date and that they give a true representation of the properties on our books however this material is provided without any guarantees, conditions or warranties as to its accuracy and its contents is not intended to amount to advice on which reliance should be placed. Once a location has been 'Optioned' for a job or event the 'User' is strongly advised to conduct a ‘Recce’ before ‘Confirming’ such a job or event and Prime Shoot Locations disclaims all liability and responsibility arising from any reliance placed on such materials by any visitor to our site, or by anyone who may be informed of any of its contents.

The images displayed on our location library are the copyright of Prime Shoot Locations and may be downloaded and printed or sent to a third party for reference purposes only.  You must not edit, crop or modify any of the images in paper or digital form in any way without the Prime Shoot Locations's express permission.  The aforesaid also applies to all photographs taken with the owners consent on production related 'Recces' organised through Prime Shoot Locations and to images connected to linked sites.  Unauthorised use, publication of any image in its entirety or in part and altering it in any way for financial or personal gain is forbidden. 

Prime Shoot Locations charges a 15% commission on the agreed 'Location Fee' for the use of a location.  Daily rates are calculated on a ten hour continuous working day for photo shoots and a 12 hour working day for filming and television work. The 'User' is invoiced directly by Prime Shoot Locations and payment is required within an agreed period.  Any outstanding fees shall incur interest at the rate of interest at 2.5% per month above base rate of Royal Bank of Scotland plc.  Some properties on our books may only be available for hire upon payment in full before commencement of a job. 

'Preparation Days', 'Strike Days' and 'Reinstatement Days' at the location will be charged at 50% of the agreed daily hire rate. 

A 'Booking Fee' will be charged by Prime Shoot Locations to the ‘User’ in addition to and in accordance with the agreed ‘Location fee’.  This fee covers the cost of processing all of the relevant paperwork once a job is ‘Confirmed’ and is non refundable in the event that the job is cancelled at a later date. The 'Booking Fee' applies to one usage of the property and subsequent usage will require futher booking fees.  

All location hire will be subject to proof of Public, Personal and Employer’s liability indemnity policies by the users to include Indemnity to Principal.  Copies of certificates of such insurance policies must be given to Prime Shoot Locations on confirmation of any booking. 

The location 'Owner' reserves the right to refuse a booking without explanation.  Prime Shoot Locations must be given all of the necessary shoot information by the 'User' in order to serve all contracts up to five working days prior to the commencement of the 'Period of Use'. The 'Owner' is entitled to terminate or suspend the hire and access to the property up to 5 working days prior to commencement of the 'Period of Use' in its discretion, and (in the case of termination) upon returning in full the 'Location Fee' paid to date.  Without prejudice to any remedies available to the 'Owner' at law the 'Owner' will be entitled to terminate the 'Location Release Agreement' immediately by written notice to the 'User' if the 'User' fails to agree to pay the 'Location Fee' in accordance with the Terms of Agreement or commits a serious or persistent breach of the Agreement , which (if remediable) is not remedied within 5 days of request, in which event the 'Owner' shall be entitled to retain all the monies paid to date and the 'User' shall forthwith remit to Prime Shoot Locations all fees and/or expenses as are payble up to the date of termination.

The ‘User’ may terminate the hire/'Location Release Agreement' up to two weeks prior to the commencement of the 'Period of Use' without charge, one week prior to use upon payment of 50% of the 'Location Fee' or up to 2 days  prior to use on payment of 75% of the 'Location Fee'.  The full 'Location Fee' shall be payable in the case of any cancellation within 2 days of the 'Period of Use'.  The parties agree that such charges represent a genuine and reasonable pre-estimate of the 'Owner’s' loss in the given circumstances.  The 'Owner' shall endeavour to mitigate its losses by replacing the hire with another and shall reduce the costs payable by an appropriate amount if alternative filming is secured.

All location contact details and information released about locations on our books should not be passed on to a third party for any purpose other than for the production purposes and remain confidential.  Subsequent enquiries and bookings relating to the hire of locations introduced through Prime Shoot Locations to a 'User', or to a third party should continue be conducted exclusively through Prime Shoot Locations.  In the event that this should not happen, Prime Shoot Locations reserves the right to investigate legal proceedings to recover financial losses caused by a breach of these terms.

'Recces' and visits to locations prior to contractual hire for filming will be organised through Prime Shoot Locations and are at the cost and liability of the ‘User’.  All persons and equipment imported onto the location premises for the purposes of the 'Recce' or in advance of the contractual hire dates remain the responsibility of the ‘User’ and Prime Shoot Locations shall not be held liable in any way towards any loss that may be incurred to any person, product or piece of equipment on such a visit, nor should it be held liable in any disputes or proceedings arising from requested access for visits to the location by the ‘User’ prior to the contractual hire dates. In situations whereby neighbouring residents and businesses will be affected by filming activities it is advised that the ‘User’ employ a qualified location manager to oversee access, permissions and parking arrangements. Neighbouring businesses or residents who risk being affected should be given at least 48 hours written warning notice.

Where our site contains links to other sites Prime Shoot Locations cannot be held responsible for the contents of these sites and accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage that may arise from your use of them. 

Prime Shoot Locations reserves the right to withdraw linking permission to our site without notice.

Any claim arising from or related to a visit to our site, and all agreements (including non-contractual claims and/or disputes relating hereto) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

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