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What is a filming location?

What is a filming location?

TV productions and movies are generally filmed either in a studio (or studio backlot for outdoor scenes), or ‘on location’.  On location refers to scenes that are shot in places that exist outside of the production, such as real life streets and buildings, rather than places that have been constructed especially for the shoot. 

A common misconception is that on location refers to shooting a scene in the place where that scene is set.  In reality many locations are substituted for places that resemble where they are set in the production, but are more practical, often for financial reasons.  For example, Louisiana has become a popular place to shoot big budget movies due to the tax breaks that the state offers.

What is a location library?

A location library is a collection of locations that can be used for film and photo shoots.  Most location libraries will offer a range of supporting services such as negotiating contracts between the production company and the location owner, and scouting services to find suitable locations that match a production company’s brief.

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