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How much can you earn by renting your property out for filming and photoshoots?

Below is a rough fee guideline showing what your property could earn should it be chosen for a film, TV or photo shoot production:


Photo Shoots

From £500 - £1,500+ per 10 hour day

Feature Film Productions

From £750 - £5,000+  per 12 hour day

Television Dramas

From £500 - £3,000+ per 12 hour day

Documentary Filming

From £400 - £1,000+ per 12 hour day

Television Commercials

From £1000 - £3,000+ per 12 hour day

Music Videos

From  £500 – 3,000+ per 12 hour day


Preparation days and reinstatement day fees are subject to negotiation on each individual job.

Overtime rates are charged should the production company exceed the agreed filming hours.

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