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Tips On Photographing Your Property

Prepare the house to appear as uncluttered as possible and wait for a reasonably bright day.

What to Shoot:

* Shoot the front and the back of the property, showing a full and clear picture of it and its surroundings. It is often possible to get a good overview of a property by looking its size, its condition, its style, the period, and the setting. Seeing the front and back also shows access and parking possibilities for the photographic/film crew.

* When shooting interiors, take two photographs from opposite corners of a room as this will capture the whole room in two images.

* All living spaces of a reasonable size are of interest. Photo shoots and film scenes take place in all rooms. Advertisements are often shot in kitchens and bathrooms.

* Special features such as wood panelling, cellars, gazebos, outbuildings are all of interest.

* Try to ensure that photographs are not too dark.

What not to Shoot:

* Don’t photograph parts of the house you wouldn’t be happy for crews to shoot in.

* Don’t shoot small details of the interior, such as a single piece of furniture.

* Avoid having people or pets in your shots.

In addition to sending your images, include a short description of your property listing all characteristics that make it special. Floor plans are always helpful. A location agent will be able to advise whether your property will be suitable for photo shoot/filming work. Due to the variety of locations we are asked to represent, not all of them are represented on our site. Several are kept on file and then proposed following specific briefs. 

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